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Have you always wanted to know what in the heck is a Western Steampunk Symposium? You're about to find out!

Join Us on June 10th & 11th and discover a crazy, weird genre that’s only been around for about 20 years. Set in the wild west, during the Victorian era, steampunk imagines how things might look and work if everything was still run off of steam. Our Symposium will offer more clarity & examples for you.

What can I expect at this here Symposium?

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We will strive to engage a variety of Merchants to provide a plethora of goods and services for the discerning Steampunk Shopper. From handmade to custom items, you are sure to find the perfect Steampunk treasure.


Prepare yourself for some amazing, fabulous Music, Stories, tea dueling, and a good 'ol western shoot out. Our main stage will provide plenty of entertainment for all ages & temperament.

Food & Drink

There will be plenty of good food & drinks for everyone to enjoy. Look for kettle corn, snow cones and ice cold craft beer as well as old fashioned root beer and creme sodas. Pretzels, Taco's, pickles, hot dogs and BBQ should satisfy everyone's craving.

Games & Diversions

If you still need more.. We will have games for kids and the young at heart. Get a custom wanted poster for you or your friends and while your at it, swear out an arrest warrant and our local sheriff will incarcerate them in our local hoosegow.

Do You Want To...

Get to know who the folks are behind the scenes. You are most welcomed to join us and become a member of the team.

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